How Desibazaar disrupted the Peshawari Chappal Industry

One of the reasons Oshow was started because the local e-commerce was selling very ordinary quality Chappals. Their designs were lifeless; the quality of the materials used was below average. And moreover, the artisans that used to design and craft these Peshawari Chappal’s with their hands were not getting paid enough.

We saw this problem as an opportunity to not only provide people a lively experience by giving them the best quality handmade Chappal’s but to also to improve the lives of the artisans who were not getting the commission they deserved.

Our online platform has provided people the chance to buy original quality Chappal’s and experience how wearing old traditional art feels like. We like getting feedback and responding to it, so far the feedback we got has been overwhelming. People seem to really love our Peshawari Chappal and wearing it has become the daily part of their routine.

Response from artisans has been great. They love making stuff for us and we treat them as part of our family. Seeing the response from both artisans and customers makes us want to do more for you! THE PEOPLE!

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