Experiencing Peshawari Chappal

“Peshawari Chappal is the best. I loved wearing it. My friends loved it too. I got extra attention and respect from my friends and family, I just cannot imagine my life without Peshawari Chappal anymore”

This is one of the many responses we get from our customers. They just love the experience of wearing Peshawari Chappal. We get positive feedback on our social media all the time, people telling us how good these Chappals are and how their friends want them too because they see them wearing.

Peshawari Chappal is the traditional footwear of people of Khyber Pakhtun khwa, thousands and thousands of individuals ranging from various age groups love wearing Peshawari Chappal. The fact that our Chappal is made of original materials and crafted by immensely skilled artisans makes it very special.

People like to wear these on regular days, and also on special occasions like Eid, weddings, and parties.

So choose the color, design, and style that suit you the best.

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